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Many organisations want websites, software and applications that specifically target their own needs.

Our user-driven design approach and agile development accelerate the value we can provide. This helps us deliver improved product quality, with more useful functionality, at a lower cost.

Contact Roger Winterbottom for a discussion on how we can help you with web and app development.

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Software expertise


We produce custom-built solutions using cutting-edge technologies. Our team consists of developers, UI/UX designers and content managers, who can work with you to design and develop web applications which meet your needs and give measurable results.


We create efficient enterprise-class iOS and Android mobile solutions for businesses, with clear UX and elegant UI design. We use the latest and most advanced technologies and a wide range of tools, processes and assets to accelerate application delivery.


Our team of developers can deliver desktop applications for use in the analysis, management, display and communication of data. Our team leverages skills in data science and visualisation to transform unstructured information into actionable insight.

Our approach

The JBA Software development process uses Agile development to deliver results quickly to benefit your users.

This can be very exciting and invigorating, although some projects suit agile more than others. We feel the collaboration and visibility can provide a much richer and more rewarding experience for teams to develop great software products.

Active user involvement is the first principle of agile development, therefore scoping and discovery are important parts of what we do. We’ll work with you to analyse your users’ needs and business processes. We’ll repeat this as we progress the project, and we’ll only start software development once we understand what you’re trying to achieve.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

We develop our projects one bite at a time, delivering small, incremental releases and iterating as the project progresses. This allows us to:

  • Reduce risk by giving a clear visibility of what’s completed
  • Increased client/owner involvement
  • Increased value by delivering some benefits early
  • More flexibility in being able to change direction or adapt the next iterations

We think it’s important to get your project into the hands of your users as soon as possible. We’ll show it to your users, listen to their feedback and improve it to make sure that it works the way they want it to.

We capture data and usage patterns of the project, to refine and improve it. We’ll review the data with you to determine what to do next, enabling the project to become more efficient and user-friendly with every release.

Our technologies

We use cutting-edge technologies to design, develop and test our solutions.