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We have the skills to design, build, integrate and scale your applications.

Our architecture services team can help guide custom implementation and integration of multiple systems to maximise scalability and performance of your applications.

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Some stats about us

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  • > 300Tb
    data managed
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Strategy and assessment

Our strategy and assessment services help you define your vision, standards and roadmap in order to guide the prioritisation, operations and management of a future-proof IT strategy.

Our team can particularly help you with data (including big and spatial data), web and GPU technologies, datacentre and cloud services. We can also help you face the challenge of disruptive technology trends such as Big Data and Internet of Things by providing leading advice on how it can help (or hinder) your business.


Our architectural experience spans industry and technology domains, uniquely positioning us to advise on all aspects of architecture from legacy systems to the latest Cloud-based solutions.

Good architecture is fundamental to all successful software delivery. Frequently architecture evolves rather than being considered in and of itself, resulting in systems that are hard to change, and often leading to systems being replaced too early in their lifecycle.

A well factored architecture allows new requirements to be handled with minimum impact, maximising investment. At the highest level, a focus on architecture means that not only will a system meet requirements now, but that it will continue to do so into the future.

Cloud migration

Waiting months for a datacentre build or even a server leads to significant delays in organisations being able to bring their new systems into operation.

Hardware based infrastructure has a high total cost of ownership and is difficult to efficiently repurpose. Cloud has changed all of this. Whole datacentres, environments or single servers can be built, configured and brought into service through automation. Cloud’s ‘on demand’ model means that you only pay for what you use, driving down the Total Cost of Ownership.

As an Amazon Web Services Technology Partner, we can provide:

  • Migration good practice guidance
  • Evaluate systems around suitability for Cloud
  • Refactoring systems for auto scaling and auto healing
  • Migration proofs of concept

Fully managed hosting

Many businesses are seeking assistance from certified experts in getting the most out of the cloud.

Our cloud architects can organise the migration, architecture design, security and setup of your application. Our system administrators proactively monitor and manage your application once it’s up and running.

As an Amazon Web Services Technology Partner, we can provide expertise in:

  • Environment Automation
  • Infrastructure as software
  • Environments in minutes not months
  • Automating the build and configuration of virtualised on demand virtual datacentres and environments
  • Auto-scaling
  • Auto-healing
  • Deployment and configuration of PaaS solutions

The development of your application in the cloud should never stop because of the hundreds of new features and innovations released each year, as well as your users’ evolving needs. Our cloud team evaluate these new features on regular basis, so that our clients’ systems are the best they can be technically for the lowest cost.