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Understanding and interpreting data is increasingly important in efficient business operation. Organisations today are often faced with a lack of data or are not sure how to exploit it fully; whilst others have vast amounts, some of which can be unstructured and messy and difficult to work with. We can help you form a strategy to manage your data, and provide the expertise in data processing, statistical analysis and visualisation to report its meaning.

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We work with many types of data, including






Strategy and management


Building a comprehensive data strategy for your organisation can be a daunting task. Where do you start, and how do you put all the proper pieces in place for a suitable strategy to bring value to your company from data? JBA can help you to develop a roadmap and plan, to identify what to do with your data and to support accessing, sharing and managing the content between users and systems.

Policy and governance

Policies and governance are important for organisations that are looking to exercise control over the data processes and methods used. We can help you develop a set of processes so that important data assets are formally managed and to ensure that data can be trusted by establishing the methods of data review. We can also help you meet legislative obligations and provide advice on data licencing, so that you can leverage the value of the data.


Ongoing data management takes a variety of technical skills. JBA is able to assist organisations in developing and implementing concise and extensible database models which support business needs. These support complex and interrelated business processes, reduce redundant data storage and help avoid inconsistent data. We are also able to provide advice in the implementation of data management frameworks and to review and suggest best practice for expansion or rationalisation of data in your organisation.

We've been managing asset data for Network Rail for 14 years

  • 300+
    system users
  • 1,000,000+
    inspection records
  • 3,000,000+

Data collection

Our mobile data collection apps have been used for many years to capture asset information.


Our original data collection app, GISmo for Windows Mobile, was in use as early as 2002 by Network Rail and became the de facto national standard for capturing and editing their earthwork asset data.


More recently we have developed its successor, GISmapp, an app for iPad and iPhone that allows users to capture data of any kind, with automatic synchronisation to a central server.

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GISmapp usage

  • 3,750
    asset records
  • 30,250
  • 23
  • 100+

Analytics and reporting

Our mobile data collection apps have been used for many years to capture asset information.

For data to inform your business decisions, it has to be meaningful and accessible to everyone. We develop the code and algorithms to analyse your data and visualisations that help you harness your data – transforming unstructured information into insight. We make data available through intuitive desktop and web based applications, giving you up-to-date information to make decisions.