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Network Rail Wales Route needed to deliver a planned preventative maintenance approach in its tunnels, ensuring that the tunnels across the route continue to be managed sustainably. A solution was required to scheduling, undertaking and reporting maintenance activity in tunnels based on known defects.


The web app consumes tunnel examination and route wide defect tracking spreadsheets which contain known defects and their locations. Editable intervention criteria, which aligns to Network Rail policy, can be applied to the defects to establish a prioritised tunnel specific work schedule.

Defects can be removed or added to the works schedule before the work schedule is approved. The defects are then presented on JBA’s GISmapp, an iOS mobile app, for Network Rail’s contractor to visit each defect on site, record before and after photographs together with any supporting comments. Once the site work is complete, the work schedule can be closed off via the web app, with exception and completion reports generated and sent to specified users.

The solution system architecture was designed and is hosted by JBA.


The service is used by Network Rail Wales Route to undertake planned preventative maintenance regimes to maintain efficient functioning and preserve the condition of the tunnel by automatically establishing a prioritised list of defects based on current Network Rail Policy via the web and collecting on site evidence of remediation via an App.

This benefits Network Rail as remits are generated automatically compared to the time-consuming nature of manually reviewing tunnel examination and route wide defect tracking spreadsheets to establish a remit. The exception report presents key information to the Senior Tunnels Engineer and the completion report is in a format ready to upload to Network Rail’s internal system.

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