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The Targeted Flood Warnings Services (TFWS) project is used by the Civil Contingency Act (CCA) asset managers, which includes the energy, transport, and water supply and treatment companies amongst others.

It allows system users to compare their organisational assets (buildings, structures) against current flood warning data to gauge the real-time flood risk and hence take appropriate action.

The application interfaces with data from the Environment Agency (EA) as well as CCA assets. The association between the datasets allows asset managers to implement their procedures in a more efficient and timely manner. The system provides advance notice of the assets being affected as a stand-by / preparedness notification as well as a stand-down once the risks have receded.

The system provides a full audit trail of the actions taken for each asset so that post-event reviews can be undertaken, if required.

The system architecture comprises a load balancer with multiple application servers and a database server. The database itself contains large volumes of geospatial data. JBA provides a third line support helpdesk for telephone and email support to the EA during office hours.

For information on this project, contact Stuart Wallace on 01756 699500.