Sustainable drainage asset management system

Network Rail, BassetLaw District and Clackmannashire Councils 2013 Asset management, Web, Data capture

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This system incorporates both Mobile GIS (GISmo) and a web GIS application. It is the national standard for Network Rail and has been used extensively by the Internal Drainage Boards, Bassetlaw District Council and Clackmannanshire Council. It is used to collect and maintain information on the current condition of their drainage system and watercourses to identify the location of general faults and key structures, including embankments, culverts, bridges and utilities.

The application enables the client to prioritise and plan future capital and maintenance work, as well as determine responsibility and ownership of assets within their jurisdiction.

Field survey data of each drainage network/watercourse are collected using the handheld GISmo device to photograph assets and assign condition grades through data forms. The field data are synchronised with master data held in an SQL Server database and made available to other users via the website. A variety of reports and statistics can be generated for management purposes.

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