JBA Exercise Management System (JEMS)

Environment Agency 2013-present Web, Exercise management

JBA's Exercise Management System (JEMS) is a web-based, flood response exercise application. JEMS simulates hydrometric data, displaying rainfall and river level information, automatic alarms, radar imagery and exercise injects to test staff response with realistic flooding scenarios.

JEMS was used to deliver an ambitious 30 hour continuous flood exercise for the Environment Agency (EA) in the South West Region. The purpose of the exercise was to deliver a training opportunity (under realistic conditions) for all staff involved in the management of flood incidents. 200 flood incident response staff worked around the clock responding to the simulated major flood event designed, planned and delivered by JBA in partnership with the EA. Players also included Flood Forecasters at the Exeter office, using the National Flood Forecasting System (NFFS) in real time to run hydraulic models, from data packaged up by JBA with live feeds to JEMS to inform duty staff in the Area offices. Two Area Incident Rooms were fully operational at Blandford and Bridgwater issuing flood warnings and controlling operations on the ground. Live deployment of operational gangs and equipment such as high capacity pumps was an integral part of the exercise, providing realism at all levels.

Following the success of Exercise Wessex Storm last year, JBA are further improving the user interface and functionality of the system.

For information on this project, contact Roger Winterbottom on 01756 699500.