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We have provided a coherent suite of asset management services to Network Rail for over 14 years, including mobile asset management software, viewer web applications, data management, reporting analysis and hosting, support and infrastructure.

Originally developed as pilot in 2004, it was adopted nationally in 2009 and is still the current, approved system for the national rail network. Its success has resulted in it also being adopted by Network Rail (High Speed) and Translink (Northern Ireland Railways).

The Network Rail 065 GISmo is a location-aware data collection system, specifically designed for examination of earthwork condition and hazard along the railway system owned by Network Rail. This links to a centralised web server providing data synchronisation and a web-based mapping application for management and reporting.

We have also provided the hosting environment for the data. The data comprise several million records including the earthwork assets themselves, related information and photographs with all the data spatially referenced. It is hosted in the cloud, with firewall, load balancers, multiple application server instances and a database server.

At any one time over 100 examiners can be on site, together with office based users of the system. We provide support to both user groups.

For information on this project, contact Derek Farrier on 01756 699500.