Network Rail is using AssetCoast®

Stuart Wallace July 07, 2017 Data capture, Asset management

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There are many risks involved when managing Coastal, Estuarine and River Defence (CERD’s) assets. Many of Network Rail’s assets include a variety of structures including sea walls, rock revetments, masonry pitching, breakwaters and softer elements such as beaches, salt marsh and dune systems.

These assets were constructed over 100 years ago, with only minor modifications and maintenance over time. This therefore poses a significant challenge to asset management teams. They are charged with developing a management plan that will deliver an effective strategy for the replacement or repairs required to extend the life span of their assets. This is obviously very important in order to ensure a safe and efficient railway network is maintained over the coming years.


Traditionally coastal asset management focuses on individual asset physical defects and rectifying these, often on a site by site basis.

Our AssetCoast® system is an innovative award winning approach to CERD asset management. It integrates a range of digital and mobile app technologies to facilitate efficient flood defence inspections, to evaluate deterioration rates for structures and to prioritise long-term investment strategies for Network Rail and coastal authorities.

Once all data is collected the outputs are presented via a web based interface which includes a series of visualisation tools.

The AssetCoast® approach analyses the effects of waves, tides and surges on rail infrastructure receptors through coastal erosion, wave overtopping and still water level flood risk mechanisms (incorporating the physical condition of the defence). Risks are analysed in the present day and for three future time epochs (2025, 2055, 2115) to aid long term investment planning.


AssetCoast® is an extremely powerful tool for the Network Rail asset manager. It effectively collates all their asset data information in one place. This therefore allows them to interrogate the system and find any information they require. All of this is provided within a web based platform that can be accessed both in the field and the office.

The adoption of these technologies by the likes of Network Rail, is establishing a new benchmark in terms of the management of investment planning.

AssetCoast® has contributed to one of our shortlisted submissions in the NCE TechFest awards. The all new TechFest Awards will showcase the best technology-led innovations that are driving civil engineering forward. The winners will be announced on the evening of the Festival of Innovation and Technology on 14 September.

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