Innovation hack helps underpin development

Samuel Griffiths May 12, 2017 Open source, Innovation, Technology, Hackathons

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Investing strongly in research and development enables us to create innovative solutions for our clients. It also allows us to sustain our reputation for industry leading software, technology and methodology development.

With that in mind, our software team have developed an initiative, for both themselves and the company as a whole, to further develop through collaborative learning and discussion.

Time to HACK

This weekend sees the first, of what we hope will be many, HACK days.

Haven’t heard of a hack day before? It’s where a group of people split into teams, come up with ideas and try to prototype them all in one day.

People can be from all backgrounds (not just designated specialisms) and usually no prior experience is necessary. The more diverse the group, hopefully the more interesting or original the ideas will be!

Samuel Griffiths, from our Systems, Software and Data (SSD) team, is behind the HACK initiative. He commented, “We’re really excited about starting this new initiative. It’s a great way to bring staff together from all corners of the company to come up with new ideas and solutions to situations.”

Each different HACK will cover a different topic or concept. They aim to see what kind of things people from across the company can come up with.

This also has added benefits for internal communications and relationships encouraging cross-office collaboration – bringing together people from entirely different backgrounds to share ideas and hopefully come up with some really innovative solutions.

Augmented reality sandbox

This first HACK will revolve around the recent addition to the JBA Trust’s physical models – the augmented reality sandbox. The sandbox provides a platform for interactive learning using hand gestures to interact with a 3D space. For example, you can use hand gestures to make it rain on a sand sculpted landscape to see where water might go.

If you would like to find out more about the hack, please contact Sam Griffiths on 01756 699500.