Flood Foresight® - Flood monitoring and forecasting

John Bevington March 24, 2017 Innovation, Technology, Web, GIS, Flood risk

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Flood Foresight® is a flood monitoring and forecasting system allowing the proactive management of local to global scale river flood risks and impacts before, during and after an event.

Designed to be compatible with existing business intelligence and decision support tools, the software supports the infrastructure, insurance, utilities and civil contingencies sectors.

The Rainfall Screening product uses meteorological forecasts to provide globally consistent warnings of significant precipitation up to seven days in advance. It allows:

  • Monitoring of severe weather events, enabling prioritisation and coordination of flood response
  • Proactive early warning alerts allowing you to manage potential losses
  • Globally consistent analysis wherever you are in the world

The Monitoring and Forecasting products provide flood extent and depth data, nationally-consistent footprints and warnings of flooding up to 10 days in advance. They allow/use:

  • Monitoring and forecasting of unfolding flood events, enabling prioritisation and coordination of flood response
  • Near real-time flood data feeds to help you assess dynamic risk of flooding alongside your asset datasets
  • Early warning alerts forecasting potential impact enabling proactive management of potential losses

Flood Foresight® has many benefits to users:

  • Move from reactive to proactive flood management
  • Integrate into a range of platforms, web apps and workflows
  • Rapidly prioritise and mobilise flood mitigation and response measures
  • Combine with asset data to forecast impact and loss across whole portfolio
  • Communicate evolving flood risk to partners and clients earlier
  • Consistent, national data
  • Globally scalable

If you would like to find out more about the Flood Foresight® contact John Bevington on +44 (0)1491 836688 or visit the Flood Foresight® website where you can also request a demo.