December 2015 post-flood analysis, North Yorkshire

Stuart Wallace January 10, 2016 Flood risk, GISmapp, Mobile, Data capture

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December 2015, the wettest calendar month on record, saw widespread flooding across much of the north of England. In the wake of this event, we were commissioned by the Environment Agency to carry out post-flood analysis for 50 locations across North and West Yorkshire.


The Environment Agency required an immediate investigation of the nature, mechanisms and maximum extent of the recent flooding.


Site teams, consisting of surveyors and flood risk specialists, were mobilised early in the New Year to collate an evidence dataset of maximum flood extent. JBA’s mobile GISmapp® software was utilised to collate a georeferenced record that the client could interrogate as data was collected.

Collected site data were then used in combination with a range of other datasets (collated by the Environment Agency), to produce outlines of flooded extent by employing a 1D mapping approach. These outlines were supplied with evidence of how each was produced, including an assessment of quality and confidence. A notable degree of scatter was evident in almost every available dataset. Each was therefore rigorously evaluated and graded according to suitability.


A combined maximum flood extent outline was supplied alongside a detailed quality assurance record as to how this outline was produced. We were therefore able to clearly communicate our assessment of confidence in the maximum extent outline.

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