Complex Calculation and Validation Library (CCVL)

David Howe November 01, 2016 Innovation, iOS, Data capture

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JBA’s highly successful CIV/065 Earthwork Asset Management System, in operation within Network Rail for 14 years, is due to be migrated to the client’s new corporate asset management system CSAMS, under the £325m ORBIS programme. JBA has been heavily involved in advising the earthworks system migration.


As a part of the system migration it was identified the complex algorithms predicting likelihood of earthwork failure needed porting and verifying. JBA have licenced code from the current site data collection software GISmo (JBAs forerunner to GISmapp, for onsite data collection) to port the highly flexible and customisable XML templated calculation engine into the new software to be implemented by Network Rail. This is now termed the Complex Calculation and Validation Library (CCVL). Future policy updates can be applied without disruptive software updates. This work has been carried out in partnership with several stakeholders.


What we proposed was to maintain the XML stored calculation logic and weightings used within GISmo and port a standalone section of the legacy code under licence. The ported code provided an XML based calculation engine allowing customisable calculations and data validations without requiring code alteration and application redeployment. This was in-line with the scripting philosophy of both the legacy and new site data collection applications. The ported code, accessible by Network Rail’s new asset data collection application MySite, was termed the CCVL. The CCVL code was ported in partnership with the system integrators (CSC) offshore iOS development team on behalf of Network Rail.


The CCVL allowed Network Rail to maintain the functionality and calculations developed within GISmo alongside their new data collection methods. They can now achieve a consistent approach to applying the Earthwork Likelihood of Failure algorithms used in the legacy CIV/065 system within their new system. It also allows Network Rail to easily adjust the current algorithm with policy updates, as well as developing new calculations for future projects. Calculation and validation updates are provided to devices via delivery of edited XML scripting without the need to update and redeploy the whole application.

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